Soul Food by Big Al of Louisiana

Welcome to Big Al's,
Southern Soul Food and Authentic Cajun Cooking
in Vancouver!

Join Us! MARCH 23, 2019
It's Ken's 66th Birthday!
Featuring Southern Soul Style BBQ Chicken
12 - 7pm at the Lion's Den 651 E. 15th
East Vancouver (Fraser and Kingsway).

Experience some of our famous dishes like chicken and prawn jambalaya, southern fried chicken, chicken gumbo, seafood gumbo, and much more. Our catering service is available at 604-782-6724. Enjoy a taste of Louisiana cooked by an original native son himself, BIG AL!

A mixture of home style CAJUN and CREOLE cuisine, the extraordinary cooking of Louisiana has roots over 200 years old. The Cajun people originated in France, and came to Nova Scotia in the 1600's. Driven out, they fled to Louisiana. Making use of wild herbs and ingredients in the area, the Cajuns (with the help of Native Indians) came to develop the many fine and unique dishes we have today.

The evolution of Creole Cusine, like Cajun, depending on foods available in the area. It began in New Orleans and is a mixture of French, Spanish, Italian, Indian and African. Most households, employed black cooks who combined their spicy style of cooking with that of their employers. The most famous dish in Louisana is Gumbo, meaning "all together." The term comes from the African "Kingombo" or Ngombo" - Okra, a vegetable used to thicken and flavour. The Gumbo plant was brought by slaves, who upon learning the cuisine of their Creole masters, combined Okra with a rich brown Roux and Spicy Cayenne pepper to make a savory stew.

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Big Al's in the House! Hungry for some soul food cooking?
Big Al and friends return this Spring: every second Saturday at the Lion's Den (651 East 15th). Check the Lion's Den Facebook page for schedule updates and reservation info. Every Second Saturday at The Lion's Den!

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Southern Soul Food and Authentic Cajun Cooking in Vancouver!
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